Premier Dog Boarding and daycare IN Pittsburgh, PA

YOGI – He's been a daycare dog since he was a puppy! He also has a twin look alike named Harper Lee. His favorite thing to do is nap. Whether it's on a staff member, toy or bed & we have the photos to prove it!

Temperament Tests: New daycare dogs must be scheduled for a 1st day free temperament test. We ask that your pup stay for at least 6 hours to get fully acclimated with our staff & surroundings, as well as being introduced into daycare. We conduct our temp tests Monday through Thursday. You may schedule a temperament test via email or by phone at (412) 360-8214. 

Spay/Neuter: All pups in daycare must be spayed or neutered unless they are under the age of 6 months. We must have proof of spay/neuter .

Vaccinations: All daycare dogs must be up to date on the Bordetella (6 Months), Rabies & Distemper vaccinations. All puppies need to have their 2nd round of Booster shots. If your dog is exempt from any of these vaccines, please bring with you proof of exemption with an explanation. We MUST have proof of vaccinations 24 hours prior to their first day.

BOOFER – This lovable ball of energy has the sweetest disposition around. She is very photogenic & all her different facial expressions tell you exactly how she is feeling!

BARLEY – What can we say about this big goofball?! He's mischievous, fun loving & gets along with all the dogs. You can always tell when he is around because of his boisterous bark that he loves to share!

Dog Daycare 

If your pet is boarding or in daycare with us, rest assured we have veterinarians and a full hospital on staff to care for your sick pet. Click below for more info. 

Busy work day? No time to walk your dog? The Big Easy Dog Daze will make sure your pup gets plenty of play time, water activities, enrichment and socialization! All with veterinarians on staff. Take advantage of our multiple dog discount & bring all your fur babies in for the daycare fun! Interested in taking a tour? We schedule tours of our daycare facility by appointment only, Monday through Thursday mornings & early evenings. No tours on Saturdays, Sundays or Holidays. Call us today to schedule your very own tour! (412) 360-8214  

Some Daycare Regulars: 

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